Employer FAQ

Is there a fee for Employers to register?
Account registration and creating an Employer profile is free of charge.
How soon can we post a job ad?
As soon as you complete the registration as an employer on the website. Although Job-Ads will reflect after its been approved by our Admin team.
How do I know If an applicant has applied for my job-ad?
You will be notified by the system via email. You can also monitor this through the Applicant Tracking System.
How do I keep track of applicants?
You can keep track of your applicants via our Applicant Tracking System. You may also send them an email directly using the Applicant Tracking System.
Why isn't my Job-Ad reflecting on the Job-board?
Please allow a maximum of 1-2 business days for our Admin team to review you job-ad. If a job-ad is declined, you will be sent notification via email.
Why am I not receiving any e-mails?
Make sure E-mail address you entered is correct. Or you may also want to check your e-mail's Spam folder.
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